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As our ever growing energy demands become a reality, there is a need to take this energy, store it for later or use it to Power Assist your existing equipment for short to medium durations. CCL were asked to develop a solution with the end user in mind that we named Powerplus; we made a conscious decision to save fuel, reduce carbon emissions, save on maintenance costs, manage other technologies such as diesel generators and solar arrays and provide an energy storage solution for the future. With Powerplus there is no need to worry about sizing your battery bank to the correct inverter/charger or concern yourself with all the niggles such as wiring up things correctly or getting your cables sizes correct. The fact is that we have built a stand alone power solution in Powerplus. Available now in 6-30kVA models with larger and smaller power ratings being released in the near future.

The Powerplus is primarily designed to complement an existing or new generator setup. It does this by dropping itself ‘in-line’ between the generator and the distribution arrangement. The Powerplus can also be integrated into your system in other ways, especially if there are intermittent loads that require significant amounts of power. Along with the flexibility of integration, there are quite a few other features and benefits of using a Powerplus as you read on...

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Features & Benefits

There are many reasons why you should consider integrating a Powerplus into your setup. To help get you started, we have listed a few good ones below!

  • Powerplus is essentially a flexible battery bank which can be used in conjunction with conventional generation/Grid as a fuel saver and also offer the ability to provide power when those conventional generation methods may be problematic to operate.

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  • The Powerplus is designed to maximuse battery capacity, be maintenance free and easily expandable. The Powerplus is robust technology that is ready for application in almost any environment with long term realiability

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  • We offer various types of battery configuration from standard AGM through to Lithium based battery systems. We can accomodate for individual loading requirements, tailored to suit your budget.

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  • Quality Research and a joined-up approach across all sectors wanting to find a low carbon, cost effective future for location work is vital.

    Richard Smith, Sustainable Production Manager, BBC
  • Since the ICR’s launch last year (2013) some 30 organisations have endorsed the joint initiatives to reduce carbon in infrastructure. This could amount to an annual saving of 24 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2050, delivering a benefit to the UK economy of up to £1.46 billion a year and contributes towards meeting the Construction Leadership Council’s 2025 50% carbon reduction ambition.

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  • The UK is already legally bound by the Climate Change Act to reduce emissions 80% by 2050, but a law mandating a 100% cut would mark a dramatic increase in ambition. The final 20% is seen as the most difficult to cut, as it would have to come from sectors such as farming, which are not as easy to decarbonise as power plants.

    Adam Vaughan, The Guardian
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‘Once a general understanding of the Features & Benefits of using a Powerplus has been attained, it starts to become fairly clear that the Powerplus delivers real benefit wherever there is a power requirement. As you can imagine, the applications are plentiful. Some of the most common types of applications are listed below…this list is certainly not exhaustive!’

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At CCL Power, we can help you to assess your scenario and see if you may benefit from integrating a Powerplus into your setup. We do not believe in selling a product for the sake of selling, we have to be sure of what we are selling and why we are doing so. We have a great team of engineers who are on hand and ready to understand your load profile and system needs. If you have a power requirement then why not get in touch?


How much fuel will Powerplus save me?

This depends your load profile. The longer that your generator is turned off, the more fuel that can be saved. In general, the range of saving can go from several % to almost 100%, however the average saving could see anywhere between 30-50% of fuel costs. On top of that, if your load profile is fairly consistent; the saving is fairly consistent and predictable too!

How do I make sure that the batteries in Powerplus don’t go flat?

The Powerplus will essentially manage itself. It does this by automatically switching back to generator power when the batteries drop below a certain state of charge (SOC). There is also control called Power Assist in the unit to ensure that the generator is called upon when power requirements are just a bit too high for the Powerplus to sustain for a long period of time which in turn increases the lifetime of the batteries. The Powerplus will manage its own charging regime when connected to the generator so there is no need to worry about that. Care should be taken however when the Powerplus is left idle as the internal self-discharge of the batteries could mean that the batteries eventually flatten themselves over a long period of time.

Can the Powerplus be left outside?

Powerplus is designed to be outside, all internal componentry and moisture sensitive equipment is adequately sited and protected against water ingression. This being said, it is recommended that if there is no need for the unit to be left outside, then please do relocate to a sheltered location.

How long will the Powerplus batteries last?

This is very similar to understanding how much fuel you may save. To understand this, an assessment has to be made on the current load profile of the site. This allows you to understand how much daily loading can be satisfied solely by the Powerplus and what part of the profile needs the generator. Bear in mind that the load profile will change slightly with Powerplus integration as the generator will also have to charge the batteries.

Will Powerplus replace my generator?

Although it is not designed to be a direct replacement for a conventional generator, if alternative sources can be implemented and the load profile is such that the Powerplus can suffice 100% of this, then a generator could be considered surplus to requirements. We would always recommend however keeping a small generator on-site, just in case the alternative sources are not enough to keep the Powerplus charged.

Who is Powerplus for?

Any area were there is a low level power requirement. We have designed the Powerplus so that it can be integrated worldwide into the; Construction Sectors, Event Sectors, Remote/Off-Grid Power Sectors, Domestic/Light Commercial Sectors, etc. Currently the models are 230Vac output at 50hz, although we are developing 110Vac at 60hz and split-phase models.

If you think Powerplus is for you or if you wish to discuss an individual Power Solution, please contact us by using one of the methods listed below.

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